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Vaisala Vietnam Code: DMT152-A1DCE11A10EA2X
Low Dewpoint Transmitter
Mechanical connection: DMT152 Metal ISO 1/2" Thread
Measurement parameters: Td/f, ppm
Analog output Ch1 & Ch2 + RS-485 as standard: 4...20mA
Analog output parameter or function for Ch1: Td-100...0C -148...+32F
Analog output parameter or function for Ch2: 0...500ppm
Output units: Metric Units
Pressure Setting for ppm Calculation: Ambient Pressure 1 bar(a) 14.76 psi(a); Sensor Protection: Mesh Filter 18um Stainless Steel
Cable for Analog Outputs and Power Supply (Port 1): Cable 2 m, snap-on  4-pin M8 Female Straight
No Cable for RS485 Line and Power Supply (Port 2)
Installation Accessories ONLY for ISO 1/2" Thread: Sampling Cell+Connectors DMT242SC2
Special Features: Plastic Label 1180, 48+3mm, ZZ-Polyest
Package: Plastic Case + Fillings 222 x 145 x 40
Quick Reference Guide DMT152
Watlow Vietnam Model: F4SH-KAA0-01RG
Temp Limit Process Contrl ; Configuration Details:
Series F4S = Single Channel Ramping Controller
Power Supply H = 100-240V (VAC/VDC)
Output 1A K = SSR 0.5A, SPST-NO ; Output 1B A = None
Factory Default A = Factory Default
Auxiliary Input Module 0 = None (F4S)
Auxiliary Retransmit 0 = None
Language Option 1 = English with 100 Ohm RTD support
Custom Options RG = Standard Overlay
Balluff Vietnam BTL5-E17-M0125-K-SR32 is no more valid
Replacement is BTL163H
Electro-Sensors Vietnam Part No.: 800-010400
Hans-Schmidt Vietnam Model: DX2-2000-EDM
Tension Meter (Tension meter DX2-EDM does not include a material thickness compensator)
ERO Electronics Vietnam Code: TKS932133000A0
(TKS932133000) Temperature Controller
ERO Electronics Vietnam Replaced by: P108 CC VH RRC R 4CL
(TKS937133000) Temperature Controller
Note: Confirm ky truoc khi dat hang
ERO Electronics Vietnam Replaced by: LFS937133000
(TKS937133000) Temperature Controller
Note: Confirm ky truoc khi dat hang
ERO Electronics Vietnam Code: LFS832143000
Temperature Controllers
Shanghai Yu Jie Vietnam Model: YJ-SD220
Blower special oil